Nozzle Cleaning Drill Kit 0.4mm

Nozzle Cleaning Drill Kit 0.4mm


Nozzle Cleaning Drill Kit 0.4mm

Contents: 10 Drill Bits

Material: Tungsten Steel Alloy

Drill Diameter: 0.4mm

Shank Diameter: 31.75mm

Manufactured by Union Tool

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A must-have tool in every 3D printer’s toolkit and an essential part of routine 3D printer maintenance. This pack contains 10 x 0.4mm hardened, tungsten alloy drill bits used for unblocking 3D printer nozzles. Suitable for all nozzle sizes - 0.4mm and larger.




  1. Heat the nozzle you wish to clean to its suggested printing temperature.

  2. Unload any filament present as per you printer’s manufacturer’s instructions.

  3. While still at printing temperature, carefully remove the heated nozzle from the heat block.

  4. Insert the drill bit gently into the nozzle by hand, from the inside out (following the path that the filament would take) and taking care not to increase the size of the nozzle hole.

  5. Once free of blockages, bring the heat block back to operating temperature before refitting the nozzle, making sure not to over tighten.

  6. Re-level your print bed before printing.



Usage Tips

-       Do not attempt to remove a 3D printer’s nozzle from the printer before heating up to full operating temperature as the removal of the extruder while cold can result in damage to both the thread of the nozzle and the heat block.

-       Do not attach the drill bit to any form of power tool.

-       Do not apply excessive force while clearing the blockage as the drill bits are made of hardened tungsten alloy that can easily damage the softer brass of the nozzle.

-       The drill bits can be used while the nozzle is at temperature and still attached to the printer to lightly dislodge any blockages. To do this, simply rotate the drill counter clockwise to dislodge any built-up material and proceed with the “Hot Pull” or “Cold Pull” cleaning methods found here. Extra care should be taken to not insert the drill bit too far up the nozzle as to damage the printer’s filament feeding system.



Details & Care

-       After use and once cooled the drill bit can be soaked in solvent such as caustic ethyl acetate for PLA, limonene for HIPS, acetone for ABS to dissolve built up plastic from the drill bit.




Correct Application

-       This drill bit set is designed to be inserted into a 3D printer nozzle that has been heated to full printing temperature, and has been detached from the printer in order to unclog blockages that may be present.

-       Any other use may be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper use or operation.

-       As correct use of this product entails the handling of components heated to an extremely high temperature, for safety purposes, only attempt to use this product while wearing heatproof gloves and safety goggles.


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