Ziflex Build Surface

Ziflex Build Surface

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The Ultimate Print Surface

Ziflex is a thin, flexible and heat resistant build surface. Featuring a coating that can handle any material, Ziflex ensures that your prints stick when they need to and pop off when they don’t.

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Standard Print Co. - Ziflex 3D Printing Platform

Extended Calibration Lifespan

Fewer forces exerted on your print bed when removing prints means your printer stays calibrated for longer - Less time spent bed levelling and more time printing.

Perfect Adhesion

The incredible flexibility of the print surface will allow your printer to keep parts stuck on the bed when you need them to and for you to easily remove any print, without damaging your new build surface.

Increased Productivity

Prints slide off in seconds when the bed when removed thanks to Ziflex’s innovative, two layer magnetic system. Say goodbye to spatulas, scrapers and all the other implements you used to remove prints in the past. No more cuts, scrapes and injuries when removing prints.

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Standard Print Co. - Ziflex 3D Printer Build Surface Magnetic .jpeg

Simple Setup

With 3M adhesive technology, setup is quick and simple. Simply peel the backing off the 3M adhesive and stick the magnetic plate to your build plate. 

Uniform Heat Distribution

The Ziflex can heat up to 90°C in a matter of seconds. All the while the strong magnet and adhesive combo keeps the Ziflex stuck on the bed, ensuring effective and even heat transmission.

Magnetic Positioning Technology

The Ziflex uses strong, directional magnets that  guide the print surface in a single direction. This ensures that your Ziflex stays in perfect alignment to your printer’s bed all the while, maintaining a strong grip.



Tech Specs

Application Flexible, Magnetic Build Surfaces For Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Machines   Product Dimensions Variable
Maximum rated temperature 90°C    Product Thickness 1.75mm [0.068IN]
Country of Manufacture France   Adhesion Method 3M Adhesive


Custom Sizing

Can’t find a Ziflex in stock to fit your printer?  No problem. Let us know what printer have and we’ll see what we can do. We can custom produce Ziflex’s to as as large as  1㎡. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

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Please select your 3D Printer from the list below. If you printer is not on the list or you are after a custom sized Ziflex, please select the Custom Size option and specify the dimensions of your build plate.



+ I use an automated calibration system, will Ziflex work with it?

Maybe. Currently there are four different automated calibration technologies available on the market:

  • Capacitive
  • Mechanical
  • Optical
  • Inductive

Ziflex will work perfectly with the first three technologies without any modifications: Capacitive, Mechanical, and Optical. If your bed levelling relies on inductive technology, a conductive receiver maybe needed.

+ What is the maximum bed temperature the Ziflex can handle?

There is no set temperature that the Ziflex is rated to as this varies from printer to printer. Zimple has torture tested their products at 90°C for 50+ hours and has reported no degradation in the Ziflex.

+ Can I use PEI sheet on top of my Ziflex?

Sure. As PEI is flexible, it will work when placed on top of Ziflex.



Shipping & Sales Info

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  • For orders placed within Australia, GST is included in the sale price. 

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  • Looking to kit out a space with multiple 3D printers? We offer discounts on orders of five or more.  contact us to arrange to a bulk discount. 



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