Zimpure Filter Refill Pack

Zimpure Filter Refill Pack


Zimpure Replacment Filters

One set of filters lasts 500 hours. 

With this pack, your Zimpure is ready to filter 1000 extra hours.

This pack contains:

  • 2 cartridges to filter gases (ABEK1)

  • 2 particulate filters (P3R) 

Compatible with Zimpure 1 & 2.

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Don’t Just take our word for it. The Zimpure is supported by….

Standard Print Co - Zimple Zimpure 2 Supporters


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Dual Filter Action

Filters feature a composite, activated charcoal gas filter (ABEK1) and a particulate filter (N95). These filter up to 99.9 % of the nanoparticles and 90% of VOC’s produced when 3D printing.


Trusted Manufacturer

The Zimpure’s filters are manufactured and tested by one of the most respected brands in the business and are produced to exacting standards.

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500 Hours Filtration Time

Each Zimpure filter cartridge is rated for up to 500 hours filtration time. With the two additional filters included in this refill pack the Zimpure can operate for an additional 1000 hours.

Tech Specs

Application Air Filter Cartridge Refill For Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Machines   Product Dimensions 100 L X 70 W X 30 H mm
        [3.93 L X 2.75 W X 1.18 H mm]
Filtration 99% Ultrafine Particles (UFPs), 90% Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)   Shipping Box 100 L X 70 W X 30 H mm
        [3.93 L X 2.75 W X 1.18 H mm]
 Filter Type Composite Gas (ABEK1) Activated Charcoal filter and Particulate filter (N95)   Product Weight 0.1 KG [0.22 LBS]
Filter Operating Life  500 Hours (Recommended)   Shipping Weight 0.2 KG [0.44 LBS]

Safety Documentation

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Thermoplastic fusion releases a mix of harmful gases and nanoparticles as you might have noticed by the strong smell when using your 3D printer.

After a few hours of 3D printing in a room, the concentration of nanoparticles can be 11 times higher than average and the gas concentration up to 20 times.

It has been scientifically proven that it can contaminate your pulmonary alveoli and bloodstream and cause serious health troubles / cancers / diseases. 



Zimpure protects your health by vacuuming nanoparticles and gases as close as possible to the extrusion nozzle, where they are released. 

This way you leave them no chance to contaminate your environment. 

With Zimpure, you can now print any material without worrying about toxic fumes. Zimpure filters up to 99% of the nanoparticles and more than 90% of the gases. It is compatible with many 3D printers.


Dual Action Filters

Zimpure combines one nanoparticles filter which filters up to 99.9% of the UFPs released and one gas filter, which filters up to 98% of the VOCs.

The powerful but quiet blower ensures an efficient suction flow: up to more than 99% of the UFPs and up to 90% of the gases released by the printer are vacuumed. Zimpure runs with two high-grade replaceable filters which last 500 hours.

UFP-CLOSE (1).png



+ Will the weight of the suction head and silicone pipe affect my 3D printer's performance?

No, both the silicone pipe and the suction head are lightweight, and the pipe is very flexible: they do not interfere at all with the mechanics of your printer.

+ Will the Zimpure cause a temperature drop?

No. The airflow rate is so low that it doesn’t affect the overall temperature in the enclosure or of the nozzle.

+ Will the Zimpure cause a decrease in print quality?

Nope, we’ve tested it on different printers, with different materials, and printing quality doesn't change.

+ I mainly print in PLA, do I need a Zimpure?

Probably. Contrary to what is usually thought, PLA is also a source of nanoparticle and VOC emissions. Plastic filaments are also never pure ABS or pure PLA. Filaments are made up of a complex mixture of different polymers, in order to provide the best printing quality, layer adhesion, warping resistance, flexibility, and other parameters. Many different toxic compounds can be found from one filament to another. Like most plastics, PLA has the potential to be toxic if inhaled and/or absorbed into the skin or eyes as a vapor or liquid (i.e. during manufacturing processes like 3D Printing).



+ How long will a single filter last?

The Zimpure's filters have been tested to last (at least) 500 hours. To get an idea of how long the filter will last regarding your habits, refer to your printer's information section. There you have access to the hour counter of your printer. We recommend that you write down the hour counter value, and when at +500 hours, change both filters. Alternatively, simply purchase and connect the Papa monitoring unit and refer to its filter health indicator.

+ What are your filters made of?

Because 3D printers release both nanoparticles and gases, we need to use two different filters : A particulate filter (P3R), filtering up to 99.9 % of the nanoparticles, and an active charcoal filter (ABEK1), filtering up to more than 90% of the gases (VOC). The filters we use are manufactured by 3M. Zimple has tested them in laboratory, they are very efficient. Read more in Zimple's study report available below.

+ Where can I buy additional filters?

Additional filters can be found here.

+ What filters do you use?

Because 3D printers release both nanoparticles and gases, the zimpure uses two different filters : A particulate filter (P3R), filtering up to 99.9 % of the nanoparticles, and an active charcoal filter (ABEK1), filtering up to more than 90% of the gases (VOC). The filters are manufactured by 3M. Zimpure have had them developed and tested with a research laboratory. Read more about the test results in our study report available below.

+ What do I do with the filters once they've reached the end of their life?

You can throw them in the bin, they can’t be recycled.



+ How do I know if my printer is compatible with the Zimpure system?

Check out our list of compatible printers.

+ What if my printer's not on the list?

You have 2 options:

  1. Design your own suction head - Zimpure provides an in depth design guidelines should you be up to the challenge of designing your custom suction head. If you do, be sure to share it with us so other users can benefit from your amazing work!
  2. Notify us here and we'll try our best to help you out. New suction heads are being designed constantly so your printer's adapter may be just round the corner.


+ Did you do the lab experiments yourself?

No, Zimple attended the experiments and measurements, and took part in the writing of the study report. Roland Sarda Esteve from the LSCE lab conducted and performed the experiments.

+ Will the Zimpure work for my printer?

Zimpure's suction heads are designed to have the same filtration rate at the same distance from the extrusion nozzle of any 3D printer.

+ Will the Zimpure work with materials other than PLA and ABS?

Zimpure is designed to be efficient with all filament materials.



+ Where are the Zimpure's produced?

Zimpure manage the production themselves, at their facility in Southern France. This way, they can control each stage of the production process and reduce the risk of problems along the way ¬


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