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Universal Compatibility

Compatible With Most Printers.

Zimpure connects with most printers via a downloadable, 3D printable, suction head designed specially for your machine. To check if you machine has a predesigned head, click here.

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Dual Action Filters

One filter. Twin action.

A 3M manufactured, composite, activated charcoal gas filter (ABEK1) is married to a particulate filter (P3R). Together these filters filter up to 99.9 % of the nanoparticles and 90% of VOC’s produced when 3D printing.


Lab Proven Results

Lab developed and independently tested.

Lab developed and independently tested, the Zimpure’s universal design is suitable for both open architecture and enclosed printers. To see how the Zimpure performed in a lab environment click here.

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Meet The Family


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Automatic Monitoring

Silently monitors The health of your filters

Who’s going to look after your Zimpure when it’s looking after you?

Papa, thats who.


Intuitive Display

Instant Filter Health Display.

Papa tracks and instantly displays the health of your filters via a colour coded display on its front:

  • 0 - 125 hours               Green Z

  • 125-250 hours             White Z 

  • 250-375 hours             Blue Z

  • 375- 500 hours            Purple Z

  • Over 500 hours           Red Z

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Simple Setup

Get Started In Seconds.

Simply plug Papa in between the Zimpure and it’s power source and Papa will do the rest!

Who’s Your Daddy?


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Extended Calibration Lifespan

Stay Calibrated for longer.

Eliminating the need for spatulas and other tools to remove prints means less force is applied to the bed. Your bed stays level and calibrated for longer saving you time and effort.


Perfect Alignment

Get Started In Seconds.

Ziflex features magnetic positioning technology ensures perfect alignment and strong grip to your printer’s bed - every time.


Perfect Print Adhesion

Perfect First Layers. Every time.

Say goodbye to adhesives, hairspray, spatulas and build tape. Prints stick to Ziflex when you need them to and pop off when you don’t.


Stick It to your printer