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The Standard Print Co.
ECO+ Strategy

Our plan to end 3D printed plastic pollution.
Better Design

We are driving eco-innovation around materials, products and new ways of using them through better designed products.

Better Materials

No single use spools. No harmful plasticisers. No shortcuts in the production process.

Better Recycling

We're pairing with partners and intercepting 3D printed plastic before it ends up in the ocean.


Better Design.

ECO Spool 3D Printing Filament Refillable Spool - Standard Print Co.

ECO Spools - Say no to single use plastic.

We’ve bid farewell to single use plastic shopping bag….so why are single use filament spools still being used today?

Accounting for 9% of each 1KG spool, switching to a reusable ECO spool means:

  • Fewer petrochemicals spent on shipping.

  • Fewer raw materials used in production of the spools

  • Less plastic ultimately destined for the ocean.

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Filament Refills - Less Waste. Greater Savings

Fewer raw materials = Lower production costs = Cheaper Filament

Save up to 20% per kilo instantly on the same great filament you’ve been using by switching to our refill system.

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Filament Dryboxes - Fresher for longer

Moisture has always been a filament spool’s worst enemy.

Not anymore.

We’ve designed an airtight, humidity protected, filament drybox that protects your ECO-spooled filaments, keeping them fresher for longer.

Best of all, the design is 3D printable, easy to assemble from common parts and available for download - Free.


Better Materials. 

100% Phthalate Free - No Nasties

Phthalates are a class of plasticisers. Commonly used in plastic production to increase their flexibility and longevity, they’ve also been proven to have a negative impact on human health.

They can be breathed in, absorbed through the skin and ingested and have been banned in children’s toys and cosmetics since 2011.

Our filaments have been 100% Phthalate free and will always be.

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DEHP & DBP Free - Friendlier to our Fishy friends

Phthalates DEHP and DBP have been shown to have a lethal, toxic effect on our fishy friends when ingested or absorbed.

We’ve ensured all our filaments are DEHP and DBP free.

We’ve done this so that all the plastic that isn’t captured by our recycling efforts does less harm to the marine ecosystem.

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Better Packaging -


Better Recycling. 

Standard Print Co UNSW 3D Filament Recycling Program logo

We’re working with the University of New South Wales to prevent plastic entering our oceans and by recycling 3D printed waste, transforming it into other useful products.

Turning the problem into a solution. The pollution into product.