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The Standard Print Co.
ECO+ Strategy

Our plan to end 3D printed plastic pollution.
Better Design

We are driving eco-innovation around materials, products and new ways of using them through better designed products.

Better Materials

No single use spools. No harmful plasticisers. No shortcuts in the production process.

Better Recycling

We're pairing with partners and intercepting 3D printed plastic before it ends up in the ocean.


Better Design.

Standard Print Co. 3D Printer Filament PLA Blue ECO Spool Refill

Standard Print Co. filaments consist of:

3D Printer Filament Dry-box Standard Print Co.

Less Waste By Design

With our 3D printable filament dry box, you’ll be able to extend the shelf life of your filament by decreasing its moisture absorption rate and by minimising filament wastage due to spoilage. Best of all, out filament dry-boxes are designed to fit out ECO spools and are completely free to download.

Standard Print Co. 3D Printer Filament Eco Spool PLA

Smarter Packaging

By offering all filaments in a refill format, we’re able to offer a slimmed-down product, 25% lighter than a traditional spool while still packing the same amount of filament. This saves on raw materials, improves shipping efficiency , decreases the price for the consumer and means less waste at end of life. 

No single use 3D Filament Spools

No Single Use Plastic

Standard Print Co. ECO + Refill filaments don’t come packaged with single use plastic spools. All ECO Spools are reusable and can be refilled with any material refill across our entire product range.


Better Materials. 

Responsible Materials  We aren’t called Standard Print Co. for nothing. All our filaments are  made from responsible materials to globally recognised standards.

Better Recycling. 

Standard Print Co UNSW 3D Filament Recycling Program logo

We’re working with the University of New South Wales to prevent plastic entering our oceans and by recycling 3D printed waste and transforming it into other useful products.

We’re turning the problem into a solution. The pollution into product.

If your organisation is interested in-repurposing 3D printed waste, get in touch with us.

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre