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Digital Light Processing (DLP):                                                       Coming Soon                                      

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Large Build Volume

Think Big. Print Bigger.

CR-10S’s come standard with build volumes that dwarf printers in its class, meaning you can print your designs whole.

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Simple to Use

Get printing in under an hour.

Simple design & few moving parts mean that you can be up and printing in no time and troubleshooting is a breeze.


High Precision Printing

Micron Level Accuracy

Print large models without sacrificing resolution. Able to capture detail down to 100 microns while being able to print larger than any printer in its class, the CR-10S series offers the best of both worlds.

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Meet The Family


Compact Design

CR-10 2.0.

All the features that made the original CR-10 series a cult-favourite all in one, sleek unit


carboloy silicon Build Plate

Grips when hot. Releases when cool.

Say goodbye to scrapers and adhesives prints. Parts stay on the bed when you want them to and come off when you don’t.


Dual Material Extrusion

One Nozzle.

Double the Material options.

Unlock colour and unique 3D printing geometries only accessible through multi-material printing.

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