Standard Print Co. Edition

Its finally here. Your chance to pre-order your very own, custom built CR-10!

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The Printers


Following the global success of Creality’s CR-10 desktop 3D printers, in an Australian first, Standard Print Co. is very excited to announce that we're bringing the CR-10 to our very own shores.

We're currently taking pre-orders for the three variants of the CR-10 printer:

  • S3  (300mmx300mmx400mm) 
  • S4  (400mmx400mmx400mm)
  • S5  (500mmx500mmx500mm)



The Upgrades


Choose from a selection of upgrades for your 3D printer. Custom-build your printer to your own specifications.


Additional options include:

  • The Body
    • Dual Z Lead Screw + Filament Detector
  • The Head
    • Full Metal Hot End 
    • Laser Engraver Module 



The Price


Helping us by helping you!

We need to buy printers for our company's printing arm so we're buying a few printers for ourselves.

The more printers we buy from the factory, the cheaper each printer becomes.

The cheaper the printers become, the less you pay.

Thats right, we're passing on the savings to you!




The Community


Proudly supporting the Australian 3D printing community with what overseas companies won't:


  • Australian Stock
  • Technical Support
  • 12 Month Parts Warranty
  • Lifetime Discount On 3D Printing Filament